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Leverage the world-class expertise of an investment bank that is exclusively focused on sell-side M&A for middle market aerospace and defense companies.

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With over $2 billion in transaction experience in the aerospace and defense industry, we have exhaustive knowledge of how to buy and sell companies in this sector optimally. We consistently achieve prices for Our clients that exceed their expectations through our:

Preparing Your Company For A Successful Sale

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Our Process


Phase 1

Due Diligence

Alderman conducts due diligence and creates detailed financial model

Phase 2

CIM Drafting

Alderman writes Confidential Information Memorandum (“CIM”) and then Teaser

Phase 3

Solicitation Steps

Phase 4

Buyer Due Diligence

Under exclusivity period (typically 30-90 days)

Phase 5

Purchase Agreement

22+ Years Of Sales Process Experience

Benefit from our exhaustive knowledge of how to optimally sell companies in the middle market of the aerospace and defense industry

Types of Sales




Court Mandated

22+ Years Of Sales Process Experience

We have substantial experience selling companies in the middle market of the aerospace and defense industry, through every type of process, including:


A Competitive sale process is a sale made through a competitive solicitation, offering the company to a number of qualified buyers and selecting the party providing the best offer.  The primary benefits of the Competitive sale process include the certainty of closing and certainty of seeing the highest price that the market will bear.  The primary risk associated with the competitive process is the dissemination of your confidential information.


A Preemptive sale process is a sale negotiated with a single buyer in a non-competitive environment. The benefits of the Preemptive sale process include speed and confidentiality.  The primary risk associated with the Preemptive process is the possibility of selling for a price well below what the market would bear. 


A Distressed sale process (often referred to as an “out of court settlement”) is the sale of a company that is in financial crisis.  Typically, this means the company is generating losses, is past due on debt payments, and creditors are encouraging the owners to sell the business.  While a Distressed sale includes the governance complexities of the above, the remainder of the sale process is essentially that of a competitive sale. The benefit of the Distressed sale process is that it enables the company to avoid filing for bankruptcy protection. 

Court Mandated

A Court Mandated sale process is a sale process that is ordered by a court.  These cases include bankruptcy, divorce, and litigation.  While a Court Mandated sale process includes the substantial complexity of being orchestrated by a court, the court usually mandates that the company be sold through a modified version of a Competitive process.  The primary risks associated with a Court Mandated sale are: a) a potential deterioration of the business while under court control, b) the likelihood of significant legal expenses and c) a substantial delay in effectuating the sale. 

Professional Fees

Fees are calculated as a percentage of acquisition price, with retainers that net against the gross fee.