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Managing Buyer Due Diligence

As mentioned in Deal Note® 112, a vital aspect of a sale process is managing buyer due diligence. Buyers and sellers of middle-market aerospace and defense companies utilize a variety of data management systems to handle the large volume of data generated in due diligence. To optimize this critical process, we utilize a proprietary due diligence tracking system, which we refer to as the DDTRTM.

The DDTRTM helps us optimally manage the buyer due diligence process and ensure a highly efficient and professionally facilitated process. Depending on the complexity and size of our client, a specific DDTRTM can cover hundreds of separate information requests and reference thousands of pages of documentation. In a separate Deal Note® we will discuss our encrypted Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs), where we host our client’s due diligence files for buyer access to the due diligence files referenced in the associated DDTRTM.

Each encrypted DDTRTM is accessible online by all of the authorized deal team members in real-time, on a 24/7 basis. Designed and based on 21 years of experience selling middle market aerospace and defense M&A companies, each new DDTRTM is specialized for each client engagement, to optimize efficiency in processing the specific transaction.

Our proprietary DDTRTM system is a key component of our unique offering to the market and enables our clients to sell their companies using a due diligence process that is extremely efficient, secure, and highly respected by the buyer community. Over the years, our DDTRTM system has been a key component of our process that has enabled us to help our clients sell their companies for aspirational prices.

Have a great day everyone,

Bill Alderman