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Management Presentations

The “Management Presentations” phase is a key step in the process of selling a company. A typical agenda for the Management Presentations includes: introductions of the senior team, presentations by each discussing their particular area of expertise (e.g., Operations, Finance, Quality, and Human Resources), a period of questions and answers and a tour of the facility or facilities being offered for sale.

This event usually occurs in the middle of a sale process. These meetings are typically conducted with a limited number of serious potential buyers who have submitted non-binding indications of interest, sufficiently attractive to the seller to advance to meeting the senior management team and touring the facilities.

From a seller’s perspective, Management Presentations are important events that require a great deal of planning and preparation, to assure accuracy and consistency with all the information previously supplied to a buyer via a Confidential Information Memorandum and through preliminary due diligence, as applicable. In addition, it is also important that the facility or facilities being visited are prepared optimally, with careful thought regarding the order of the tour, and with a focus on cleanliness and neatness of the respective areas, and appropriate preparation of the company employees.

From a buyer’s perspective, Management Presentations are an opportunity to obtain hands-on insight into the target company, including but not limited to: culture, facilities, equipment, and systems. Additionally, Management Presentations provide an opportunity to assess the leadership team, explore their competence, observe how the team interacts among each other, determine the team’s readiness for a change in ownership and determine the team’s support for the buyer’s strategic direction.

Whether a buyer or a seller of a company, Management Presentations are significant events that require detailed planning and preparation and are essential to a successful M&A process.

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Bruce Andrews
Managing Director, Defense